Song of the Day – Armen at the Bazaar’s “Heart & Thoughts”

Armen at the Bazaar

Another song of the day for you folks!  Today we have Montreal’s Armen Bazarian or as his recording moniker “Armen at the Bazaar” (see what he did there?).  Bazarian comes with a free self titled EP that is currently available from the man himself via his MySpace page.

The EP is a little more ‘pop” than “folk” but is really well done from this unsigned Canadian.  Definitely strong on melody and can be incredibly catchy at times with songs like “Complications” and “Expected to be Telepathic” – you will find yourself uncontrollably tapping your toes if you are into this style of music.  I personally would like him to test out the “darker” waters as I think his sound is only steps away from being full on pop music but it is a good listen regardless.  He definitely has a bit of experimentation with his “Tribal Interlude” and there are aspects of something deeper than just catchy tunes (even if they are catchy as well).  I just might have to continue to listen while walking down the beach this week.  I had to bring this post around to me at some point, you knew that!

Seriously though, swing on by his MySpace page and click for a free 6 track EP being offered up, test out a nice track I’ve selected to push you in that direction.

“Heart & Thoughts” – Armen at the Bazaar, from the self titled EP

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