If You Haven’t Heard: Aaron Espe

One guy who slips past in my iTunes library is Aaron Espe.  He doesn’t really “slip past” as I have in a few playlists at all times, but he has a couple of albums that are so solid, great sounding and straight forward indie-folk-pop but that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Aaron Espe

This is the kind of singer songwriter that builds terrific songs that might be able to have more “bite”, but that doesn’t seem like the point when listening.  Sure other bands or artists may get attention that way, but where is the attention for a talent that can put together a cohesive album and soundtrack your day with no hesitation?  Espe’s albums have the style of folk-pop that you might find in a hour long drama on any major network but don’t take that as an insult (as I know some of you would).   His deft use of harmony alongside a bounty of acoustic guitar go a long way.  Mix in a bit of piano and stories about small town life and you have a great idea of an Aaron Espe song.  If you can’t tap your toes or connect to a song, even for a little bit, than you my friend are looking in the wrong place here.

Please consider visiting Aaron below, you can pick up albums electronically or even on CD (gasp!) and opt for signed copies as well – he is a man of the people.  If you needed to sample some of the warm folk melodies from Aaron Espe, you can listen to a track from each of his albums below and visit his site for more sampling – you can actually download both albums for free but a donation is always welcome.

My Whole Life


Songs from a small town

(highly recommended – see a YCD “best of 2008” post)


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