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Artists Listen Up: Get a new website for free! Kilted Chaos kick up their skirt to your future!


So what’s worst than finding what could be your next favourite band and then having no way to connect to them?  Well there are worse things, but as a musician/artist/band if you are not available (and want to be) and you don’t have a website set up – you might as well just stay in your basement by yourself.

Okay a bit harsh, but it’s true.  If you are actually trying to grow your career or if you simply want to get your music out there (and to great people like me!) a brand new shiny website and web presence is what you need.  Well, the good folks over at Kilted Chaos have a bit of a contest to provide all this to you.  It involves twitter so if you have to follow and tweet so if this sounds foreign to you…well, climb out from under the rock and get online.  What is 10 minutes of almost effort in order to get a full year of exposure to your fans, or your potential fans.  This is the plan.

“More Exposures” – Elephant Micah, from Alsatian Sunlight (full album available free here)