I will always love The Mountain Goats.


Many bands have a shelf life because let’s face it, often musical tastes change as you age.  There are also factors such as mood, location, social circles that tend to influence the music you are listening to and again let’s face it, all music is not meant for all situations.

That is unless you are a fan of The Mountain Goats such as I.  I will always like listening to The Mountain Goats and let’s face it (where am I going with these “let’s face its”?) there are great albums and just really good albums.  I am partial to Tallahassee, The Sunset Tree, All Hail West Texas and We Shall All Be Healed among the massive amounts of releases by John Darnielle and crew.  Sometimes you just need to listen to the lyrics, feel the delicate delivery followed by spittle flying angst the next.  Truly an independent music icon if ever there was one.

Another reason:

So that is about it.

Oh, and enjoy a pseudo “unreleased” duo of tracks that were found on their website a few years back that are both absolute great tracks.

“Cut Off Their Thumbs”