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a singer of songs provides me with a double dose of my song of the day and in turn I am passing it on to all of you.  Lieven Scheerlinck (the singer of these songs) is no stranger to Slowcoustic as he was one of the first artists I featured back in September of 2008 (you can see it with a couple of early tracks HERE).

Lieven has just released his first full length album on HI54LOFI Records a couple of weeks back and it is definitely a hushed and intimate experience.  The album is overflowing with ballads meant to be merely whispered to the one next to you – and we get the experience wrapped up in 13 tracks of digital storytelling.  Often accompanied by a piano and/or a lone guitar strummed at half speed there is no wanting for anything more “slowcoustic”.   Songs like “Calvary Walks”, “Slow River” and “Lonely One” drift by you and almost melt into the walls around you, so don’t let them simply float away, you have to listen.  Many will feel like the album never really takes off as it does tend to stay in 1st gear, but that is the way of these songs – anything with more energy would shatter them I believe.

A real nice touch on this album is Lieven’s inclusion of vocals from 3 lovely ladies to accent the album and bring a duo harmony to some of the tracks.  They really do work and the ladies (Tiny Ruins, Ana Franco and Craven Canary) on the tracks “Road to Nowhere”, “Rabbit Hole” and “Wrath” respectively.  I have to say that these tracks stand up to the solo tracks of “Stray Bullets” and “Pretty Lies” and are among the strongest songs on the album.  I can keep going with classic comparisons on the album being meant for a rainy day or for soothing a recently bruised heart, but let a couple of tracks help you in finding just the right moment to soak in Old Happiness.

“Pretty Lies”
“Road to Nowhere”

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