Song of the Day: “Little Notes” from Tiny Ruins & A Singer of Songs

Yesterday I both received this CD from Leiven Scheerlinck (aka ‘A Singer of Songs’) and had a work Xmas dinner.  So you should know the evening had it highs and lows.  I clearly had too many drinks and not enough people wanted to discuss folk music.  I mean who doesn’t want to have a personalized dinner created just for your group, open bar and then NOT want to discuss emerging folk acts?  Some people.

A Singer of Songs is no stranger to Slowcoustic (see here) and he has worked with Tiny Ruins previously and it is obviously working out!  The EP “Little Notes” is 6 tracks steeped in barren landscapes and clearly display the beauty of the hushed singer songwriter.  All the songs move gracefully over willing ears and find both voices intertwined seamlessly.  There is something about duets, when done right they can really elevate a song and it has done so here.  The EP does feature a bit more Tiny Ruins than A Singer os Songs vocally but they both show greatness on the whole.  I would definitely recommend the EP for a quiet time that you can dedicate to it – it may only come in at 27 minutes, but you shouldn’t miss any of it.

Listen below;

You can find out more on the EP over at HI54LOFI Records here and on their Bandcamp page here.