Who needs a new album? Bill Patton frickin’ does.

BP slide guitar

Just saying, that’s all.

This guy just seems to keep coming up on my daily listening adventures due to his great “Gets It On” album from a few years back.  It used to be available for free download from his website, that I just noticed is no longer up!!  This better not be a sign.

I recently thought about Patton again while talking to a good friend and he mentioned that an album that kinda went under the radar was from this “Bill Patton guy”, and I totally jumped up and said “yes, somebody gets it”.  It was a bit of a moment for me.  From what I can tell he is somewhat of a touring and studio musician for certain artists with most recently being a key  member of the J. Tillman 7″ single for “Wild Honey Never Stolen” from Western Vinyl (which is absolutely phenomenal and comes highly recommended).

You should swing by CD Baby and get yourself a copy of the album and at the very least head over to RCRD LBL for 3 more tracks from this lo-fi, singer songwriter gem from 2004, or 2006 according to CD Baby…I don’t have my CD here to look on the liner notes.  Regardless it is too long since that album, way too long.

Listen to a couple of quick covers (especially that Prince one – too short!) that I have already featured here on Slowcoustic and for frick sakes, please don’t tell the original artists so he doesn’t get sued!  Buy the album to find out why I say that.

“Kiss (Prince Cover)”
“Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath Cover)”

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