The start of the Olympics is today, so it’s Canadian content ONLY: Corey Isenor’s fantastic “Frost” album!

Corey Isenor, photo by Evan Rensch

It’s Friday and the start of the Olympics and what better way to show my love for the “the true north strong and free” than a post on an upcoming Canadian artist?  Friends, I will cheer my heart out for my Canadian athletes and Isenor’s album “Frost” just might be the perfect album to soundtrack the entire event for me.

The album “Frost” is pretty much the album that could.  What I mean is that originally it was only 7 tracks and was going to be an EP of sorts, but that just wouldn’t do.  Isenor found additional time with fellow East Coaster Shotgun Jimmie and low and behold another 4 tracks materialized out of their sessions at the Marshwinds Farm.  What has surfaced is an indie folk-pop album that literally came out of nowhere for me.  This album is one that truly wants you sit there and actually try to sing along to the songs as they are so well done (I try this often and realize I am a music blogger and not an artist in any way whatsoever).  Right off the bat the title track “Frost” has such a harmony, builds perfectly through a few bridges and meets the chorus that evokes the singing by yours truly.  When the banjo kicks in during the chorus, it absolutely turns this folk track into something more than its five and a half minutes can convey.  It is possibly my “it song” for the year so far.

There is more than the title track to this album with additional favourites like the focused mid tempo “Release Your Crown” or the lush “Riverwoman” this album just has hooks that relentlessly draw you in.  It is a more down tempo album at it’s core, but not in the “sad bastard” way you might be used to hearing around this blog.  As a whole, the full album enjoys songs that bring hushed moments, well thought out song building and a maturity beyond this young Sackville, New Brunswick via Nova Scotia singer songwriter.  Maybe this is what keeps catching me, until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know there was a Corey Isenor and now I can’t believe I missed him (even with a mention over on Herohill for his previous EP).

He is also not a one trick pony, no sir.  I think he has the flexibility to go beyond my own personal musical niche and move into what I mentioned earlier as folk pop.  With songs like “Force of Nature” and “Meteor Shower” you hear more indie influences with visions of spring creeping into your world, things seem brighter when those songs come on – definitely leading to a summer mix-tape option for many I think.  I can also see a song like “Baby Don’t Go” being quite a great pub sing along that really gets the crowd into a frenzy – like those East Coast pubs are known for….I think…

Well that is what I got, a great album from a Canadian that I think is a winner.  Take a listen to two tracks and tell me you don’t feel the same way.  At this time I don’t have an actual link to get you to purchase the album – but please message him on MySpace and get him to sell you an album already!


“As A Ghost”
from 2010’s “Frost”

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