New album preview – Sean Hayes’ “Run Wolves Run”

Run Wolves Run

Upcoming album (March 16th, 2010) from Sean Hayes is getting a preview of a couple of promotional tracks that were just released.

Well, I guess you could say what’s the big deal, you would assume that I would like Sean Hayes due to previous releases.  He is definitely on the radar around here with his laid back sound and singer songwriter leanings.  Well, I saw the update over on Songs:Illinois (maybe when I get to be a real blogger, he will get his updates from me…but until then…) and I knew there was a new album on its way, but lost focus and kinda forgot!  I know, bad music guy to forget about an anticipated album but it happens to all of us I guess.

So the first couple of tracks “Garden” and “When We Fall In” are the perfect teaser to a new album by an artist you are already familiar with.  I say this because the first track Garden is exactly what you want (and expect) from Hayes – a slower paced catchy tune that you like instantly.  If you are familiar with Hayes previous albums, you might compare it to something merged from “A Thousand Tiny Pieces” and “Alabama Chicken” (my favourite album by Hayes).  It has a little bit more added on top, almost like bonus of some interesting percussion and flecks of layering (cymbals, layered vocals, keyboards) and it maybe freshens up his sound and you know you are listening to something new.

When you get to When We Fall In – you are treated to something a touch different – more “band” you could say.  You still get Hayes classic slightly scratchy/nasal delivery (this is meant in the most flattering way, I have to say) but you know he is working with a crew on this one.  If for nothing else than the echoing backing vocals you know that he is looking to show a bit of growth that was hinted to in previous albums.  I find this song makes him part performer and part singer-songwriter.  He is not just a guy with a guitar and lone spotlight on the stage, he is growing into entertaining and stretching his talents as a musician.  I am excited to see what the remainder of the album has to provide.

Sean Hayes

“Garden” (mp3)
“When We Fall In”
from “Run Wolves Run”
(Sean Hayes)

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Bonus Video for Garden:

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