Two Recommendations/Songs of the day, one for Cavalier Rose and The Longwalls

Cavalier Rose

The first track and recommendation is for Cavalier Rose.  This newly minted band out of Brooklyn has something that you don’t get much from me – a bit of energy.  Okay…its kind of a dirty, downtown basement club energy.  This is not an insult in any way – this is the stuff you dig your teeth into.  I mean I admit I like the toned down side of CR (so from what I hear, I cannot see them live as the show is supposed to be pretty loud!!) but there is still something about Heather Christian’s vocals taunting you to lean in only to get your ass firmly handed back to you.  You might want to check out “Sparrow”, my favourite track from their Daytrotter session to get an idea, as well as their website for a listen (streaming and download) for a bounty of demos.

“Lamplight” – Cavalier Rose


The Longwalls

The next song and recommendation is from a similar styled band in the aspect that comes with a bit of energy, but knows how to slow it down just right.  This Boston foursome known as The Longwalls have one of the sweetest Alt Country ballads I’ve heard in a while in the title track from their upcoming EP “Dark Academy”.   I first heard of The Longwalls from fellow blogger Matt over at DysonSound due to a previous EP “Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist” which didn’t catch me off the bat.  I admit I walked into Dark Academy not expecting what I heard – great classic Alt-Country/ Indie that allows you to enjoy both the energy of your evening plus the mellowing out on the way home at 2:00am.  I think of a similar style “local” band from Edmonton Alberta, The Wheat Pool when I hear them – and that ain’t too shabby at all.  If you have a chance you can stream the whole EP on SoundCloud HERE (you might want to check out the track “Ghosts” as well).  You can also check them on MySpace or watch quite an entertaining video for Zombies from their former album over on YouTube.

Dark Academy by StaticMotor

I hope you can get a chance to dig into both of the above!