Kora Records doesn’t disappoint with a couple of new treats: Meredith Bragg and Fredrik

Kora Cube

Kora is one of those labels that I think consistently puts out good material – they might not put the most releases out there or have a massive roster, but what they have is pretty darn solid.

So when I got an email last week about a new Fredrik Video and a new track from Meredith Bragg (!!) I thought that I must put it up on the blog. The video for “Milo” from Fredrik is taken from the 2010 release “Trilogi” and again is a gorgeous representation of their music. They are a consistently great band for creating moody and powerful music and is a band you can really immerse yourself into. They seem both lo-fi and hi-fi at the same time, I don’t know how to describe it – it is like you have and absolutely high end recording of a bedroom recording. As usual, stunning visuals to go along with the lullaby of a track. see below:

Fredrik – Milo from The Kora Records on Vimeo.



Meredith Bragg in my opinion is a musical genius. The guy’s last release was over 3 years ago and he has all together 2 albums and an EP. The EP is what really caught me – especially with his cover of the Songs:Ohia track “Two Blue Lights”. I mean, who covers Jason Molina? And makes it his own!! I soo love that version. But I digress…this new track is called “Next Time” and is the precursor to his next album which is slated for a little later on this year and is highly anticipated from yours truly. This song is a fragile one, it has the melancholy of Elliott Smith if he had the state of mind to put orchestral aspects into the recordings. This one is half down tempo pop and half love lament from a reminiscent troubadour . Listen below:

“Next Time” – Meredith Bragg

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