This is Thursday Dawn. By Serena Matthews.

Moon in B&W by Serena Matthews

photo by Serena Matthews

Its Thursday and I think I have a great Slowcoustic Thursday track.  Well it is a great track on it’s own, but it also happens to have Thursday in it’s title.  And it’s by Serena Matthews.

I have been a fan of Serena Matthews for a couple of years now and I run across her now and then online, hell we even chat now and then on twitter.  But sometimes I need to step back and remember that she does make some of the most fragile and aching songs.  All with a pixie voice that belies the depth that is Serena Matthews.  I am not going to make comparisons and say “RIYL” and such – just listen and enjoy her for the amazing talent that she is.  I was recently reminded when I listened to her latest release “Staircase” after work one day to unwind.  Those songs can wash away almost anything and come recommended.

“Thursday Dawn” – Serena Matthews, from 2009’s “Staircase”

Swing by her MySpace page by clicking below and pick up some hand scribed CDs from her!