Sometimes you just stumble into incredible things. MOHNA.

MOHNA by Jean-Jacques Tortoise

Completely stumbled into MOHNA.  Don’t know how I got there, but simply found myself awash in the sounds from this stunning German artist.

Full of sephia toned, language barrier-ed goodness – I sat mouth agape listening.  No worries Anglos, she does sing in English (from what I have heard), but I decided not to translate and read the press section as I didn’t want to be influenced at this early point.  I have immediately downloaded the album “Mohna (1985-1994)” and been listening to the sombre honesty that is this album.   Some albums just do this to me – often ones that I have no previous knowledge of, you just simply listen and immediately know you like it.  This is one of those albums.

The album Mohna (1985-1994) was releases late last year on the Sunday Service label (home to Finn among others, and now that I think of it, it was probably this that led me to this discovery).  The songs are as if they are soundtracks to old black and white movies – the type that had no sound in the first place.  There is a lot of piano, her great pixie voice delivery and a collection of atmospheric sound samples and instruments.  Was that a small service bell?  Wait, accordion?  Was that the old movie sample I had stuck in my mind that I didn’t know existed?  I often have conversations with myself on new albums…I will be conversing into the wee hours with this album…

While it is minimal in its sound, it feels dense and textured – I am listening in noise canceling headphones as I write this and its perfect – the moments between lyrics go quiet, the layering of vocals find you, the world around you fades away and you are lost in the beauty of this 13 track opus.  Highly recommended.

Listen to a track from the album and tell me this doesn’t affect you:

“Hold Them” – Mohna


Please take a visit and listen – you will not be disappointed.