Carissa’s Wierd Lives on…Well kinda. Find a new album by “S”

I'm Not As Good At It As You

Just something I found while trolling the numerous halls of the IODA library.  Since both my initials are “S”, my blog starts with an “S” – why not?

Well it turns out the track by “S” (or Jenn Ghetto, co-leader of the defunct Carissa’s Wierd) has a new album out on Own Records.  It is a bit indie rock, a bit singer songwriter and a bit garage…  And great for a day that I think might be a bit of a challenge – The song “Save You” is both relaxing, but gives you a bit of oompf to draw some energy from.  It is a song that wouldn’t feel totally out of place in the early 90’s in a girl band out of Seattle – if only a bit ahead of the curve.  And I like her voice.

im not as good at it as youS
“save you” (mp3)
from “im not as good at it as you”
(Own Records)

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p.s.  Banner photo originally from a 2008 performance – taken by Hilary Harris