Evening Chorus dazzle with new single “No Wreath, No Crown”

No Wreath, No Crown

Evening Chorus are a young 4 piece from Cardiff, UK.  They are young in the basic sense of the word meaning they are younger than myself in age – but they are young in the sense of a fully formed band as well.  This is always what gets us “older” folks…when someone does something that you think is beyond their short time.  For a band that is less than a year old to be releasing music on a regular basis already of above average quality – it just gets in the knickers of us crotchety old bastards.  Wow, really, I am not that old….just trying to make a point.

I have always thought Evening Chorus have some real talent and if you are into a band where you can get in on the ground floor and “know them when”, well EC is one for you.  I also still stand by my claim that they sound both traditional and contemporary in their approach to folk music.  They are using all the right ingredients including numerous stringed instruments and an understanding how to get what they need out of them.  The sound could be from 30 years ago, but you know it isn’t – its still new for our generation and this is a good thing.

Now I don’t want to compare for the sake of comparing so I won’t, but I think that Evening Chorus might be new to a lot of you, so if you like your folk of the UK variety tempo, we’re good.  If you like the type of folk music that has both the songs that you can slow down to (like these two tracks below) or you can still kick up your heels in the pub to others (see their Bandcamp page for more offerings, like “Look Forward To The Day”).   I also want to stress that while I feel that this release is almost the band’s “Slowcoustic” coming out party, they still usually have full band churning out an acoustic performance with a driving beat…that is all I am going to say.  Oh, and any band that can wield a banjo on a regular basis is good in my books!

“Blistered Magnolia” – b-side to 2010’s No Wreath, No Crown
(you will notice that this is the 1/4 speed reworked version – it’s fantastic!)

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