Song of the Day – Ronnie Fauss’ “With Love”

Ronnie Fauss - New Songs for the Old Frontier

“With Love”(mp3)

The thing about songwriting is that often it takes a specific experience or occasion or catalyst in general that makes for a great song.  Great songs (for me at least) tend to be a touch darker or even lonely, but you all may know this already.

This track from Ronnie Fauss from his “New Songs for the Old Frontier, Volume 1” album to his own admission was almost subconsciously hidden as the last track on the release.  This is because it is from a specific experience in Fauss’ life that could only be dark and even lonely.  I don’t presume to know the real background of taking this experience to song, but listen to the lyrics and know that in his own words how it can “ how a tragic beginning can have a redemptive ending.”

The album cover above is actually of Ronnie Fauss (the child) and his father a couple years prior to his father passing away – which in turn is the focus of “With Love”.  This week represents the 25th anniversary.

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