New Album Recommendation (& re-post): Jeffrey Luck Lucas’ “The Lion’s Jaw”

The below was posted back in late October 2009 and now that the album is out, it needs a re-post – the album is available from label and various digital retailers.  I recommend this whiskey drinking sad bastard.  Whiskey drinking that brings out some of the best lamenting stories of life as told by a true storyteller.  Please consider a purchase.  You can find the title track over on Songs:Illinois as well with one click right here.



Jeffrey Luck Lucas - The Lion's Jaw

The upcoming and impending release from JLL “The Lion’s Jaw” (previously mentioned here) has been a touch delayed but it is on it’s way! I have been waiting for this album to drop and it looks to make a digital appearance shortly with the physical pressing to hit around December 2009/January 2010. I very much have enjoyed his two previous efforts, so this one (and from what I have heard so far) should be right in line with some sad night of drinking whiskey and strumming a guitar! Jeffrey did tell me that in fact his arm is “still hurting” from being twisted into smokin’ and drinkin’ for the video!! This my friends is sounding like its going to be great!

Enjoy a sample track from the upcoming album below:

“Wolf & Flood” – Jeffrey Luck Lucas, from the upcoming “The Lion’s Jaw”
Don’t forget “Agnes, Queen of Sorrow (Will Oldham Cover)” – from I Am A Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass. A Will Oldham Tribute

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