The Sumner Brothers in “Shot At The Dark”: Pure Canadiana goodness in Downtown Calgary

Okay, just found this.  Filmed in Calgary for Shot At The Dark via Calgary Is Awesome – find a great recordings/videos of The Sumner Brothers (from what I can tell down 5th Ave in downtown Calgary).  Ummmm, where the hell was I?  Oh well, there is at least one of my blogger friends from You Crazy Dreamers that always praises this band and tells me that I should convince them to sign to Yer Bird Records….hmmmmm.

This is one transit fare I would have no problem paying.

Shot At The Dark – The Sumner Brothers from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

AND the fantastic Part Two!

Shot at The Dark – The Sumner Brothers Part Two from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.


The self titled album from a couple of years back is definitely a must for anyone who appreciates the down trodden with a bit of twang.  Need an example?  How about something like:

“Pain” – The Sumner Brothers, self titled (2008)

While I have been listening for a while, I have never gotten around to posting on this Canadian Duo (Brian and Bob).  Weird, I know.  There are two albums to dig into (so far…I think the new album is finished and due in the fall) and come highly recommended.  You can find the possibly more raw “In The Garage” from 2006 and then 2008’s self titled release that has seen a bit more production value (but still with teeth, if you get what I am saying).  If you are still wondering what they are all about, their new website definitely hits the nail on the head with the below:

It is this commitment to authenticity that first drew the brothers to the songs of country, folk and blues, to roots music. Somehow banjos, harmonica’s and steel string guitars seem to lend themselves well to the notion of truth. These sounds coupled with the devastatingly low baritone of brother Brian, and the hauntingly sorrowful croon of brother Bob’s tenor, collide to form a sound, both unique and powerful.

If the above two videos and sample track haven’t convinced you, then you my friend do not enjoy the incredible talent of The Sumner Brothers and their Canadiana like I do.  ’nuff said.

Visit and purchase The Sumner Brothers: