Hezekiah Jones takes on Radiohead’s Pablo Honey

Hezekiah Jones live in 09 - Lisa Schaffer Photography

A daunting task for any artist is to do covers of bands that are for the most part universally loved.  So I believe this is why most artists retain covers for live performances and personal listening/enjoyment.  Of course there could be some sort of licensing issue (especially if you are attempting to do a cover of a well known artist), but who knows.  I recently obtained some “remixes/covers/rarities” from one of our artists over at Yer Bird Records, Hezekiah Jones.  Below are two of the covers that was part of the package – HJ tends to not mess around with covers and picks some of the big guys with the two Radiohead below and others included John Lennon and David Bowie….but those will be for another time.  So let’s dig in:

“Thinking About You (Radiohead Cover)”
“Stop Whispering (Radiohead Cover)”

I also like that he used tracks from the Pablo Honey album from Radiohead and didn’t cruise right up to OK Computer for a slam dunk cover.  And come on, when you kick in that much banjo into “Stop Whispering” it can’t be wrong….or, maybe try to tell that to a die-hard RH fan…

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