Saturday Recommendations – “BB(Ben & Bruno), Wolfgang Schaefer and Hip Hatchet!

Welcome to another Saturday where I mesh together some listening from the past week and any notable discoveries I have found.  I will not disappoint folks (and if I do, please don’t tell me).

Starting today is the new album from the now condensed named Ben & Bruno – “BB” who have a new album out on RC Legacy.  Ben and Bruno is essentially Peter Brant and he is a master of crafting quirky folk/fringe folk songs that find themselves both delicate and moving at the same time.  His “higher than average” vocal style is something that always draws me in, I am a sucker for an “interesting/unique” vocal style – and while it isn’t out there that much, it still is enough to separate it from others.

The new album is called “Marcescant” and is out now (available on white vinyl no less) and is a nice compliment to any Saturday listening party you may be having – lo-fi indie pop at its finest.

Click here to purchase, here to visit, below to listen:

“You Have No Love” (mp3)


Next we have  something equally as mellow, but a different spin on style.  So to get into it, Wolfgang Schaefer is definitely more to the Americana side of things – one listen to that harmonica and you just know it.  This Milwakee resident plays the lonely guitar and sings with the true tired voice of the open plain troubadour.  Whether he is or not, it sounds great.  There is the stunning acoustics that perfectly match his vocals and you simply wonder why this guy isn’t a household name already.  Sometimes I just don’t get it – he creates the kind of music that you can both hear on a soundtrack on a “hip” television show, but still find a home in a down and out club playing for 8 people.  I have a track from his upcoming EP that should see a release this summer and will be a definite must buy!

*photo from MySpace photo album

Click here to visit, below to listen:

“Broken Hearts and Billy Clubs” (mp3)


Next we have Hip Hatchett who is a more traditional acoustic folk artist – you could say he is a staple of the Slowcoustic style of folk music.  He has a new album over on BandCamp called “Men Who Share My Name” and it is extra conveniently priced at “$2.00 or more” – come on, you can’t beat that.  Hip Hatchet is actually the performing name of  Philippe Bronchtein who is a self proclaimed musician from the age of 3 hails from Vermont and his deep but soothing voice could be the blanket of “hushed” atmosphere of any fall day from the North East state.  I can’t say enough about how $2.00 will get you 10 tracks from this guy – use headphones as well, wander around with this as your soundtrack – perfect!

Click here (be sure to stop the player in the comments immediately) to visit, here to buy or below to listen:

“Hungry Wolves” (mp3)


There you have another Saturday collection of great music – please swing by all the above artists sites and make a comment, become a friend or simply sit and listen.