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Tonight at Calgary Folk Fest: The Avett Brothers

*pic from Calgary Folk Fest artist page

So tonight at the Calgary Folk Fest, I will be able to close out the night with a band I have never seen prior, but am excited to see live.  The Avett Brothers! This will be good…  Upon your return tomorrow, I should have some horrendously bad photos and an overview of the evening, so then see you tomorrow my pretties.

In the meantime, check out the video for one of my favourite tracks, “I And Love And You”:

The one thing that I am also interested in is the main stage artist line up tonight (the only show is the main stage tonight as this is the “opening night”).  I am not sure it is as cohesive as most might expect at a folk fest, but it has a bit of everything.  Considering it opens with Saskatchewan’s Library Voices (totally catchy indie pop), then goes to Natacha Atlas (kind of an Arabic/Eastern vibe with some electronics), next we mesh to Canada’s darlings Stars (more full band indie pop) and finally end with The Avett Brothers possible foot stompin’ closing.  See what I mean?   Should be interesting at the very least and immensely entertaining at best (as long as the weather holds out).

Hopefully have some photos and an overview tomorrow at some point.  Follow me on Twitter (@Slowcoustic) for some updates through the evening as well.

Visit The Avett Brothers
Visit Stars
Visit Natacha Atlas
Visit Library Voices


p.s.  For a download of the track I And Love And You, visit my girl Agnes over on It All Started With Carbon Monoxide.



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3 responses to “Tonight at Calgary Folk Fest: The Avett Brothers”

  1. Adeline Yuen Avatar
    Adeline Yuen

    Hi! I’m still kicking myself that I missed the Avett Brothers set at the Folkfest…long story short, it was my first year volunteering at the folkfest and there were some issues with me finishing up my shift on that first day, so I was in a bit of a mood… They were the only band I had any interest in seeing and go figure, they were the only headlining band I missed. Since then, I’ve caught up on this band and I’ve fallen in love with their music… They need to come back to Calgary or somewhere nearby.