Song of the Day: “Three Sisters” by J. Tillman

You had to think I would have this as a song of the day, come on.  J. Tillman treads only on paths made of flower petals and breathes in only perfumed scented air in the minds of the Slowcoustic crew.  Nuff said.

The song is “Three Sisters” and it is the opening track from his upcoming Singing Ax album on Western Vinyl.  The album is spectacular as a J. Tillman album would be.  In fact upon first hearing the album, Three Sisters immediately stuck out as the feature track and may be the one that sticks in my mind as the touchstone of the whole album.  Coming in at just over 6 1/2 minutes of beauty that includes some accent points (courtesy of Albini’s production?  Maybe?) that may immediately feel overpowering, but that is the point.  The song envelopes you in it’s story, it’s beauty via its steady cadence…step by step.  The moments of inflection in the song give it that push to be more than just another singer songwriter telling tales of man’s journey.  This is epic.

“Three Sisters” – J. Tillman, from the upcoming 2010 release “Singing Ax” (Western Vinyl)

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