Song of the Day: “Endless Rhyme” by Andy Berkhout

Today we have a Song of the Day from Andy Berkhout’s “Song Per Week Project” and this one is pretty damn good.  Andy has been on the blog prior (see here) and I am more than happy to have him back.  The song is “Endless Rhyme” and it is more of a harmonica laced “Americana” track.  I am a sucker for two things in my folk and folk inspired music and they are banjo and harmonica.  The song also has a touch of twang, if only in the tone of Berkhout’s voice.  It is a totally solo affair and it lends me to believe that if this is just a “week’s worth” of creation, this guy is going somewhere!

“Endless Rhyme” – Andy Berkhout, from week 29 of the “Song Per Week Project”

Find more Andy Berkhout on his Website, MySpace and see below for a couple of upcoming shows:

Bonus video of the track: