Slowcoustic Update – because you care about us!


Well class, I wanted to put a quick post on what is happening around Slowcoustic HQ – just looking to keep you all in the loop, we’re a team after all.

Hopefully you all are finding it okay to get to the site lately, my host has been a bit erratic on the up-time in the last couple of weeks, I am looking into it and may be moving hosts to ensure more quality sad bastard music making it through the “big pipe” to your very keen ears.  So basically I apologize if any of you were looking to make it over here to pick up a tune or two and were given a strong left upon trying to negotiate to the site.


Just getting ready to send out the info to my fellow bloggers for the “Best of 2009” series set to take place in December, hopefully Dec. 7-22 on weekdays only.  If any of you were around last year, what I do is invite fellow music bloggers to do a feature blog post on something that they think was pretty darn neat-o this past year.  The list can be just about anything: best album, best live band, best album cover and best make out album…almost anything!  The side bar to the right of this post (your right, not mine…wait…) you will see a block of images that represent the various sites that are taking place.  So stick around, you may find something that you don’t normally see on this blog and you just might like it!


I have been listening to some pretty good tunes lately and hope to get a lot of features upcoming – recent albums I really like and I think you should check out include Frank Schweikhardt, Heather Woods Broderick (yes that Broderick), The White Buffalo with a recent discovery of JBM via his Daytrotter session.  On repeat around here is that Isbells album and those Borcherdt demos and the amazing new EP from Hezekiah Jones (see Herohill’s post on it).


Andy banner

Also, because I know you all can’t go without a fix (myself included) – how about some lo-fi recordings??  Well this will hit the spot – Andy Berkhout has released a new EP called “Songs on Tape”.  It is aptly named as it was recorded on an actual tape recorder and is a great EP for you lo-fi singer songwriter admirers, which I assume should be a fair share of you readers.  The EP is classic guy with a guitar – its an intimate collection of bedroom folk pop that will have you humming and looking for more.  More you say?  Well he has another EP “In The Light” on his website that is available for a free download.  A free download you say?  Yes, both EPs are available for absolutely nothing – definitely a great option to pick up some solid tunes at rock bottom prices (but don’t forget about his new full length for purchase).

“Feel You Now”
“Just To Say”

taken from “Songs on Tape” EP

Visit and Purchase Andy: