New music from Damien Jurado/Richard Swift, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr & Jay McCarrol

Just a few items I have come across the last few days and I thought you should know.  Maybe you will find something you like, no?

  • Damien Jurado and collaborator Richard Swift have been BFFs for a while now and they have some new, free tunes for ya.  Check out “Other People’s Songs” and grab ’em on their new Tumblr page HERE.  Listen: “If the Sun Stops Shinin’ (Chubby Checker Cover)” – Jurado/Swift
  • I was listening to the Daytrotter session from Quite Scientific artist Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr yesterday and decided that this is the type of “summer jams” that I would recommend.  Despite 5 degree weather in the mornings here in Calgary, these still get this sad bastard going!  Visit and listen: “Vocal Chords” – from the new Horse Power EP (full LP to come soon).
  • I listened to a well informed tweet from fellow blogger (@dirkler) from over at Dyson Sound (check the blogroll, son) about and artist he has personally worked previously.  Lo and behold, there was a cover of Bjork’s “Hyperballad”!  Glad I listened and hit the link, I think the original is an old school classic (for the most part) and Jay McCarrol does a great acoustic version.   Visit him as well as find a YouTube rip of said track here: “Hyperballad (Acoustic Bjork Cover)” – Jay McCarrol

So yeah, there’s that.