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Caleb Coy releases “Wild Desert Rose” today. It’s now Country Tuesday!

So let’s get one thing straight.  Growing up, I would have laughed at myself telling younger me that I would be listening to Country music.  And if I said, I was listening and loving Country music, I might have done more than laughing.  But, here I am…

As part of our label life over at Yer Bird Records, we are so excited to provide some old time country music in the form of the 10 track Wild Desert Rose album from Caleb “Bobby” Coy.  He is truly Southern and it shows, these songs are what you think of when you think of country music, not a CMT television “spectacular”.  The whole album is a demo inspired collection of honest songs that span love lost, drinkin’ and living in the South.  You can listen below for yourself.  Highly recommended (but I would say that…).  ;-)

Wild Desert RoseCaleb Coy
“I’ll Be Damned” (mp3)
from “Wild Desert Rose”
(Yer Bird Records)

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More On This Album

You can also visit Caleb over on his artist page at Yer Bird Records, his new Tumblr page and even Facebook!

Bonus:  How about a cover track from Caleb’s Tumblr page?  Listen: “Suited Me (Richard Dobson Cover)”




5 responses to “Caleb Coy releases “Wild Desert Rose” today. It’s now Country Tuesday!”

  1. Swapmeet Louie Avatar
    Swapmeet Louie

    Love how this song sounds… the whole room atmosphere brings the listener deeper into the performance. Wonderful track! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. […] got me all excited when I heard it… Caleb Coy came straight from another site I totally dig, Slowcoustic.com… and it seems that Coy is from their label, Yer Bird […]

  3. just_kap Avatar

    I heard “I’ll Be Damned” over at The Frontloader and wanted to let you know that I really dig the song (and also the “Suited Me” cover). This is the kind of Country that I love… thanks for the intro!

    Love your site, btw. The music you feature here is right up my alley.

  4. Jaci coy Avatar
    Jaci coy

    Everyone at my office loves One Day Closer to You, from Calebs album. We caught ourselves humming it all day. Great songwriter and singer!