TransCanada Alberta Music Series Showcase: Have you signed up yet?

Are you from Alberta?  Do your friends call you “the musician” in the group?  How about you come out and join in a great showcase for local talent next March!  This is also a kind of call to arms as the “submissions date” is October 1st, so you gotta get it together and submit within the next 3 weeks.

To make sure you, me and the festival are on the same page, please read over the below to make sure you are eligible (full info here) because we want you if you are!

Event Description:  14th Annual Festival of Alberta Music
Deadline: October 1, 2010
Festival Dates:  March 23-26, 2011
Application form & submission guidelines: download pdf

The TransCanada Alberta Music Series (formerly The Alberta Sessions) is four nights of performances and artist development opportunities for our province’s musical artists.  We present individual artists and bands of diverse sound and musical genres to celebrate the songwriting and musical talent of Albertans.  This series fosters Alberta artistic development and awareness of our provincial’s original-music scene.

Artists must be actively pursuing careers in the Alberta music industry and be based in Alberta. All artists must perform original songs and music.

This 4 day festival is a collection of local artists of various backgrounds and musical genres grouped into themed showcases (or at least it was last year).  The series attracts some great talent and last year had some fantastic bands such as The Wheat Pool, Woodpigeon, The Pale Air Singers, Savk and Jordan Klassen who have all been on the pages of this very site – so you know the festival is the place to be!  ;-)

So if you are local (for the most part), please drop in a submission to join in.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent, be seen by current (and future) fans in an overly welcome environment.  Once again the link for more information and submission guidelines is HERE – and even if you want a bit more info, contact me and I can find out for you!

Hope to see y’all there.


p.s.  How about a couple songs by the above mentioned and previous series artists?