J. Tillman releases “Singing Ax” and finds time for a Neil Young Tribute (via Aquarium Drunkard)

Today sees the release of J. Tillman’s “Singing Ax” over on Western Vinyl and once again comes highly recommended from Slowcoustic HQ.

I know Tillman’s style is not for everyone but I was thinking about the phrase “the space in-between” and thought that this might be something to use in describing most of this new album.  Sometimes the pauses, the breaths and that quiet moment just prior to going back into the next verse is where the beauty lies.  I have heard from various people that this very reason is one thing that might make them pass over Josh Tillman’s music – it simply doesn’t always have a lot going on.  That, my friends, is the point.  The beauty lies in his delivery of hushed vocals with acoustic accompaniment and possibly the spaces in between.  And those spaces sound really, really good.

“Three Sisters” – J. Tillman, from 2010’s “Singing Ax”

Purchase the vinyl/mp3 album over on Western Vinyl HERE.


I am sure aptly placed as a blog post late yesterday, Aquarium Drunkard decided to post a 10 track “tribute” recording by J. Tillman on the Neil Young album “Tonight’s the Night”.  This collection has it’s ups and downs (as I am sure some tracks could have used a 2nd take at times, but that may be the point of having something that isn’t officially released).  For the title track and the incredible “Albuquerque” cover alone….frickin’ amazing.  Head over HERE to pick up the 10 tracks completely free from AD.