September Release I officially missed (part 2): Siskiyou

So I missed the release of another album I was looking forward to and am very sorry as I could have been listening to another great 2010 Canadian release earlier!  The album in question is Siskiyou’s debut self titled album…Siskiyou released on September 7th, 2010.

Siskiyou are Colin Huebert and Erik Arnesen who hail as part of another great Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers (!!!).  Colin is formerly of GLS and Erik is still recording as part of the band…so you know this project is more than your average couple of dudes making a down tempo folk style album.  It is definitely more than just a down tempo folk style album.

In my opinion, there is little comparison to what they will be compared to until at least a 2nd album (a Great Lake Swimmers side project sans Tony Dekker).  These two create atmospheric folk tunes and yes they can be delicate at time, but they are also a touch “experimental” with overlays and sounds and I believe they are creating more than just pretty songs.  While still very acoustic at its core, the album has an element of fringe to it…maybe it is the vocals, maybe it is some of the sounds used, but its there…something.  And I like it a lot.  Take a listen to the track featured on NPR that is a cross between a lullabye and a rock ballad (for about 30 seconds) and it totally works.

Never Ever Ever Ever Again by Constellation Records

Overall, I am quite smitten with the album and so far is one of my favourite Canadian releases in 2010.  Take another listen to one of the more ominous tracks that is available for download on their website (but a non album track) to convince you.

“El Condor Pasa” – Siskiyou

There you have it, albeit a touch late but still a solid recommendation for this album.

Visit Siskiyou: Website, MySpace
Purchase Siskiyou: eMusic, iTunes, Constellation Records