How I never knew thee: Finding bands after they break up – Conrad Ford (Part 2)

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Here we are at part two of the weekend’s “How I never knew thee” with Conrad Ford.  You can read a little more about how we got here on yesterday’s post along with 3 tracks from Conrad Ford’s previous album.

The Secret Army album from 2008 (in my opinion) really found Conrad Ford discovering their crooner side while still keeping a bit of edge from the Don’t You Miss Yourself album days.  We find some nice slide guitar and a lot more mood on this album.  Maybe it is almost like leaving on a high note as this album showed much potential in my eyes and they could have found a nice place beside bands such as Band of Horses and their ilk.  Oh well, lest we forget, listen to a few tracks – Truth Hits Hardest (below with VIDEO!) and Secret Army are current favourites.

Secret ArmyConrad Ford
“Truth Hits Hardest” (mp3)
“Secret Army” (mp3)
“Next City Blues” (mp3)
from “Secret Army”
(Tarnished Records)

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Remember, you can find out a bit about the band on their MySpace page HERE.  They have a blog post on “where are they now” as well, see it HERE.