Slowcoustic Sunday Sports Edition. Canadian Style.

Wha?  What is that?  Yes, its exactly what you think it is.  Wait, what?  You don’t know what it is?  You disappoint me…

It is a curling broom, and it is not used to clean up after a curling game…it is used IN the curling game.  You know, the SPORT of CURLING?!

Okay, enough fun, I assume you all know of the game of curling and above is a recent picture of one of my fellow Canadian music blogger’s curling broom (My Aimz is True) and she is gearing up for the new season of drinking…er, curling!  Obviously as a music blogger and all around bad ass chick she will have to show her true colours with the above is an example of what I am sure are her many “points of flair”.

Amy, you take it to the button.

“The Ice and Snow Still Haunt Me Still” – Brown Bird (visit)
“Black Ice (Third Floor Sessions)” – Ohbijou (visit)


p.s.  You can also see Autopsy IV’s post over on Nine Bullets for more curling coverage.

p.p.s.  In all fairness I don’t curl as I don’t have the thighs for it…