Song of the day: The Savings and Loan’s “Met (a Storm)

I have been having a bit of a “Scotland Folkie” weekend and it might start making itself evident in the next few days with various postings on this blog.  I don’t know why I always feel attached to the country (outside of the fact both my father and grandfather were born there and apparently that makes me somewhat of “Scottish Heritage”) – but I think it is just the fact that I think they have their fair share of great bands.  Or whatever.  Regardless, I thought I would ease y’all into a current track favourite from The Savings and Loan: “Met (a storm)”.

I don’t pretend to be overly familiar with the band from Glasgow (an apparent “sometimes band” of Andrew Bush and Martin Donnelly) but I did look them up a bit and easily started to enjoy at least the track this post mentions right off the bat.  I first listened to the demo and if you know me you would be very aware that I tend to enjoy the stripped down version of almost any song, but the original isn’t too far off and so it is just a fantastic track all around.  The hollow strum of guitar, the borderline baritone of Donnelly, a tale of love gone slightly askew…how could you go wrong?

Take a listen to both versions of the track below (don’t worry the Bandcamp version is the track, it just doesn’t say so on the widget):

And the demo from their website goes a little something like this:
“Met (a storm)” Studio Demo – The Savings and Loan

There you have the song of this day.  Be sure to keep an eye out for more love for my ancestry soon.  Until then, visit The Savings and Loan on their Website or MySpace.