Melaena Cadiz’s “Rattle The Windows”

How there isn’t more discussion on Melaena Cadiz’s album “Rattle The Windows” truly baffles me.  A stunning album (albeit a bit short at 8 tracks) comes in as a slam dunk for fans of Marissa Nadler, Alela Diane, Mariee Sioux and women who not only have great voices, enchanting music but just have an aura about them.

I don’t mean to get all “deep” but the album from Melaena Cadiz seems very organic and seems what new folk is (or should be).  You have slow burning ballads like “Sleeping” or “Falling Down” alongside something more traditional and finger picking like “The Wolf” and still have something a bit alt country with “Clay Pigeons”.  The album has a bit of everything (if you like indie folk that is) an even at the aforementioned 8 tracks it still feels complete.  And not to beat the dead horse, this feels like a real album, that it comes from a songwriter telling tales, not a musician in a studio doing a thousand takes trying to sound authentic.  You immerse in the album, search it out.

Backstory: I was given the heads up about Melaena from Mikael Kennedy this past summer (who took the album cover photo) and I immediately trusted him once I knew  he has worked with other Slowcoustic favourites like Matt Bauer (cover of “The Island Moved in the Storm” – now you can see the similarities in the covers between the two, right?) and Brown Bird – so it gives you a bit of reference for overall genre we are speaking of with Matt Bauer, Brown Bird and Melaena Cadiz…imagine that live show…in the woods…beside a fire…wow.

Speaking of….how about the new video for “Oh Holy Night” from Melaena?

melaena cadiz – oh holy night from mikael kennedy on Vimeo.



  1. The Wolf
  2. Clay Pigeons
  3. Falling Down
  4. Blue Skies
  5. Rattle The Windows
  6. Sleeping
  7. Stone Throw
  8. Cold Cold River

Thanks to Melaena who let us have 2 tracks for you to enjoy – please consider swinging by for a purchase (and get the CD if possible, the artwork is even better in real life)!

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