Jenny O. finds indie pop perfection on new EP “Home”

When I think of the new EP from Jenny O, I think of spring, the first 30 minutes of “500 days of Summer” and a collection of 5 tracks that grown men just might <sigh> for.

With that start, do you even know what it sounds like?  Well it sounds like warm bedroom pop with better production value – 5 tracks that span pure pop ballad like the title track “Home”, something a bit groovy in “Well Okay Honey”, something to soundtrack that fantastic summer car trip with a previous lover in “Won’t Let You Leave”, and a drop dead gorgeous piano lament in “I Do I Do” (my current favourite track).  So okay, it is a pretty solid indie pop EP with a couple of great slowed down tracks – think of a Julia Stone (of Angus and Julia Stone) and you will be geared up for 16 and a half minutes of time to forget that winter is on it’s way.

The EP came out on her Bandcamp page on Sept. 16th and should be making an appearance in the iTunes store this month, but how about a couple of her Bandcamp streams?  Listen:


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