Live Video: “Helen” by Horse Feathers

Got a late night update yesterday on a video that I had been looking forward to from one of my Wisconsonian music friends Spencer Wells (get to know him here).  The video in question is a great live performance from Horse Feathers of their track “Helen” from the album “House with no Home”.  See it below:

Horse Feathers – “Helen” from Spencer Wells on Vimeo.


You can find out more about this great album on the Kill Rock Stars page HERE.  You can also have a complimentary download of “Curs in the Weeds” from the album, with one little click right here: “Curs in the Weeds”(mp3) – Horse Feathers.

Don’t forget that they also have a brand new 7″ single out for a cover of Nirvana’s “Drain You” (here) that also has a fantastic b-side called “Bonnet of Briars” – I have had it on repeat for a few weeks and you can’t go wrong with $4.00 vinyl ($5.00 with immediate digital download)!

Enjoy the start to the week!