Alexander Fairchild makes ‘giving in’ sound beautiful.

“Not Gonna Argue”

Personally I believe if sadness and beauty were music, they just might sound awfully similar.  The song below about giving in to a relationship for whatever reason can be viewed as a loss or triumph…pending the vantage point.  But we all know where a relationship like this is ultimately going.  We’ve all been there, giving in and just not caring anymore or because you simply know where you want to be (and with whom).  In this case giving in to beauty for the sake of being in the presence of beauty and the fear of being alone.  Nathan Finochio (who performs this album under the moniker Alexander Fairchild) creates an eclectic collection of songs for his “self titled” album, with the below being my current stand out ballad/lament selection from it.  You know what they say; Love (or musician) by any other name…

As mentioned above, we all know where a relationship like this is going…and below you see it all in HD.  Watch the stunning, if not disturbing, video for “Not Gonna Argue”.

Alexander Fairchild – Not Gonna Argue from Brooks Reynolds on Vimeo.

“Not Gonna Argue” – Alexander Fairchild, from 2010’s S/T

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