A couple of covers while I’m away courtesy of Josie Little

So I am heading on a bit of a winter vacation (as you read this I will be either in an airport or in the sky already) and I ‘re-found’ these two covers while making a playlist for the plane/beach/pool/beach – you know how it is. Well, Josie Little is one of my “online friends” and this does not mean weird shit, it just means we are friends via social networks and you need to give her a bit of time to have her play for ya.

Take a couple of minutes to listen to what is (probably) her most popular cover track from Ryan Adams, plus a nice little one from The Who – enjoy!
come pick me up by josielittle
love, reign o’er me by josielittle

Enjoy your Tuesday, I’ll enjoy some nice acoustic covers while oceanside! ┬áCheers.