Friday Mini-Playlist: Trespassers William & The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers

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Today’s “playlist” is actually two songs from my very early commute this morning.  Two songs, that whenever I hear them I always think specifically, “Damn, this song is good”.  They are the songs you think about after they finish, the songs you usually push the back button on when you get to one second left so that the song plays all over again.  They both have been on Slowcoustic already, but they deserve to be on many times and I trust you feel the same.

Sparrow, from 2009’s “The Natural Order of Things” is a song that has both a lo-fi and produced feel.  The vocals from Anna-Lynne Williams float over a soundscape of a melody…a melody that has a distinct beat.  The cadence of the song is what makes this a winner – it feels like it is drifting, but it is very focused and moves you along with it.  The song gives me an immediate comparison to the sound and band Portishead, if only a little less “trip hop” version of Bristol band.  You have beautiful echoing vocals & lyrics over a warm blanket of song.  Please listen.  VisitPurchase the EP.


  • “Lisa” – The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers

This one is a few years older from a band that hasn’t seen much action lately, but this song just kills me.  This song is an all time favourite of yours truly, hands down.  The song is life in the rear view mirror.  Whether it is a real story, collection of stories or simply a story in song – it is beautiful like few others.  Mistakes are made in life, you will one day look back and realize this and know you cannot make it better, return to fix it and you simply drift further away from the experience the older you get.  Absolutely stunning – listen in headphones, listen to the story and tell me it doesn’t ache…just a little…

The song Lisa is from their “Redux” EP, which is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks from TP&ToADS.  This particular song was their contribution to Esopus Magazine in 2005 and the whole EP is a free download on their website.  Visit them and pick up the full 5 track EP.  They also have a fantastic album to purchase as well.