Chris Bathgate announces “Salt Year” album for 4/26/11; lead off track released!

Salt Year Cover

Yesterday, good news came to me via various social media hubs in my online life.  This news was the “official” announcement of the new Chris Bathgate album “Salt Year”; seeing it’s release date of April 26th, 2011 AS WELL AS the release of “No Silver” as the lead off track!

This first sampling of the new material is pure Chris Bathgate – a steady if not driving beat, great use of strings and Bathgate over it all.  I will not lie and say I am not partial to Bathgate’s sound, so it is obviously fantastic, and in turn this song bodes well for the full length album in my opinion.  The actual digital single “No Silver” is available via iTunes and the good folks at Quite Scientific, as well as his Bandcamp Page.  You can even find it complimentary with an email address (I know, I know…but it’s worth it) RIGHT HERE.

Listen to the stream below:


Bathgate has been playing “Salt Year” (the song at least, from his “Wait, Skeleton” EP) for a while now at numerous live shows – find a fantastic version via our post on his Impact Media spot.  A full on barrage of Bathgate can be found on our “Slowcoustic Essentials” in the upper right of this page that will need some updating, me thinks.

And yes, I will be reminding you of the album release along with (hopefully) more music once the album is released in late April.  Consider this a warning.