While I’m “Asleep at the Wheel” Music Roundup: The Deep Dark Woods, White Pines, John Statz & Joe Purdy

A bit of a round up on things that you probably already know about, but for those that get busy with life outside the internet (!!), sometimes it is good to get it all in one place.  Like right here.  I haven’t necessarily been ‘asleep at the wheel’ here, but I haven’t made a real mention of the below items on the blog specifically.  So I am remiss…

  • HearYa had a great session with Saskatchewan’s The Deep Dark Woods about a week ago, and if you are a fan you really need to grab the session.  My current favourite is “Peggy O”.

    The Deep Dark Woods – “Peggy O” – HearYa Live Session 9/21/10
    from HearYa.com on Vimeo.
  • White Pines had some live video love over at Mostly Midwest earlier this week from his Mittenfest showcase.  My current favourite is “The Armour”.

    White Pines – The Armor
    from Mostly Midwest on Vimeo.
  • John Statz released a free EP that is some re-worked tracks and some new tracks in the form of his “The Budapest Sessions”.  You might remember the feature & interview we did with John a couple years back – revisit it here.  My current favourite on the new EP is “Everything to Me”.
  • I certainly hope everyone picked up the fantastic album “This American” in December 2010 when it was free.  If you didn’t, this album is more than worth purchasing – it is probably my most played album in the last 2 months.  It came very quickly after his “4th of July” release…it continues to baffle me how this guy puts out consistently good music.  My current favourite on This American is “Oregon Trail”.

There you have it, 4 options for your listening/watching/spending pleasure.  Tell ’em Slowcoustic sent ya.