Song of the Day: “M4W” by Uncles

Uncles had a pretty good introduction (to myself at least) with their album “Replacing Words with Other Words” from last year.  Brought to my attention from the good folks at Ampeater (and look out!  Two new tracks for download from Uncles on Ampeater HERE) so they gotta have some cred.  Now the New York based foursome is preparing their next release slated for this summer I’m told and they have a lead off track.  Details are a little sparse on the new album in general but with a song as gorgeous as M4W below it doesn’t really matter right now.  So keep an ear out for the new album as I am sure it will be required listening!

“M4W” – Uncles

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Get their previous album (on CD) via Amazon or download it for free on their website