O’Death and Sweet Lights provide your soundtrack for Saturday

O'Death - Outside Cover

On my list of albums to look forward to in 2011 is “Outside” from the band O’Death which is due this April.  Just last week they started on the promotion of the album and the lead off track for promotion and the album itself is Bugs and it is actually on the lighter side for O’Death, but damn it, it is just soo good.  (Thanks to Love Shack, Baby, where I first heard the song!) While I reserve O’Death to be of the slightly cryptic, off centre and a bit darker side of folk, they now show that they are reaching some next level shit.  One might think that they have this whole music thing down pat.  Ernest Jenning Record Co will be at the helm of the new album so keep an eye out as this one will be something to purchase.  A side note is that EJRC also release the O’Death ‘side project’ Blood Warrior – something to check into if you find the sounds of O’Death pleasing to the ear.

Outside will be released on vinyl as well, so you have to purchase it as a 12″ record with that cover art…I think that is a perfect cover for an O’Death album, I’m sold.  Once again, damn it that is good.  Listen to Bugs below:

“Bugs” – O’Death, from the upcoming “Outside”
due April 19th (US/CAN), April 29th (DE) & May 2nd (Europe)

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Next we have something from Philadelphia aritst “Sweet Lights” (or Shai Halperin as he is known to those that know him…ya know).  I completely missed the song on its first push through the tubes of the internet, but alas I had good friend Raphael Cutrufello (of Hezekiah Jones) bring it to my attention…and I am more complete due to it.  I ended up checking it out over on one of Philly’s best spots to find great music – WXPN’s The Key which also comes highly recommended.  See there post on it here and the new “old school” video here.

I just want to touch on this cover because the subject matter and original from Sharon Van Etten is fantastic and one always worries that a cover might not give justice to the original.  Well, I don’t think we need to worry about that here – the main thing about Van Etten’s music is that it is sound that you can feel, it’s raw, emotional and you immerse it her music.  Halperin provides you with a similar experience by keeping it fairly lo-fi and with his overly sombre delivery it very much works.  Well done.  Listen below;

“One Day (Sharon Van Etten Cover)” – Sweet Lights, free single

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