Cover song of the day: “Jolene” from Dolly Parton by Holcombe Waller

above banner image photo by Kava Gorna

So I found this little gem while looking into Waller’s upcoming album “Into The Dark Unknown” (which is beautiful to say the least) and I had to post on it.  The song is from a collection of out-takes from Waller’s previous album “Troubled Times” which are chock full of album worthy songs like this one.  Come on, Jolene (originally penned and made famous by Ms. Dolly Parton)…you can’t NOT post on it.  Bloggers love them some covers afterall…

With the original being a classic to many, it can be a hard to cover (and many have tried), but I think it might work better at half speed like it is here.  With the ominous ebb of this version of the song, you feel more of the unfortunate situation of a woman’s relationship being at the complete whim of another.  It is a tragically beautiful song – also, don’t let the jazz keyboards throw you, this one is fantastic.

There are a couple of free tracks from Waller on his Bandcamp page HERE.  Swing on by and visit him on his website as well.


P.S. Bonus – “Bored of Memory” (mp3) from the new album “Into the Dark Unknown” – release is Feb. 15th, 2011 (album page).  Expect another post on that album very soon.

P.P.S. – check out a previous track from Holcombe that he donated to a compilation album “We Were Lost, We Were Free” here.