Song of the Day: “Mother Song” from The Wilderness of Manitoba

Nothing new to the regular Slowcoustic fans I am sure, but we are big fans of The Wilderness of Manitoba and have been for a few years now.  Well, the first album from the troupe “Hymns of Love & Spirits” was recently reissued – while technically an EP, it feels more like an album now with the additions of new songs and reworked originals.  The album is full of the soaring vocals, hushed moments that all great folk albums include and this one comes with a full on double thumbs up.  If you had the original, please consider getting the new release that includes the below track “Mother” and a re-recorded “Dreamcatchers’ (a much larger sound this time, but don’t worry the original isn’t replaced, both versions included on the new release) and a traditional folk track in “Softly & Tenderly”.

Enjoy today’s Song of the Day:

“Mother Song” – The Wilderness of Manitoba
from the reissue of Hymns of Love & Spirits

Bonus video for “Evening” from the release:

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p.s.  Keep an ear out for the 3 track Summer Fires digital EP that should see a release in mid-late March