New Release of note: ‘Have You Seen Our New Fort?’ by Hezekiah Jones

*banner image courtesy of Lisa Schaffer Photography

Disclaimer: My label, Yer Bird Records, put out this album so not only is it awesome, it is something I am proud to be a part of and bring to your attention.  So to avoid an obviously partial review/post, I thought I would simply put our press info below with some extra (and new) info along with some music.  Novel idea, right?


“Have You Seen Our New Fort?” is a collection of new and re-worked songs from the last few years of Hezekiah Jones.  On this new album, listeners will find out why the Philadelphia folk scene can’t get enough of Hezekiah Jones’ depth of instrumentation and contagious beat with songs like Mind Malaise, Drawing Pictures and  Airplane Window.  You can then follow that up with Raphael Cutrufello’s signature ballads like the haunting Lift the Shadow From This Heart and two new takes on 2009 “Bread of Teeth” EP’s laments; Traffic to the Sea and I Love my Family.

“New Fort” also sees the resurfacing of Cannonball (I’ve Got a Little Room) that was originally released on a split 7″ with Chris Bathgate and released by our friends at Quite Scientific Records.  The Fort version brings the addition of contemporary and producer Andrew Lipke’s horn arrangements – the song sings anew.  We also see another appearance from Chris Bathgate in the form of the Hezekiah Jones’ cover of The Last Parade on Ann St. from Bathgate’s 2007 album A Cork Tale Wake.

With the production and ear of previously mentioned Philly artist Andrew Lipke at the helm, the songs  of this album become the “new fort” and home of where leader Raphael Cutrufell and the rest of the Jones’ currently find themselves.  With peaks and valley’s of true song-crafting, a complete album is felt through both sides of this vinyl release – a Yer Bird Records’ inaugural vinyl offering.

In a recent interview with WXPN’s Bruce Warren, Cutrufello described ‘New Fort’ as “…the record I’ve been dreaming of making for the last ten years and we are very happy with it.”  That is saying something.


That is the blurb about the album to get an idea of what HJ are bringing to the table with their second full length album.  Admittedly leaning towards the slower side (what?  Me?), songs like “Last Parade on Ann St.”, “Lift the Shadow From This Heart” and the reworked “Travel to the Sea” and “I Love My Family” absolutely blow me away.  Mixed in with something a bit more upbeat like Dean Helm and Airplane Window and even the infectious Mind Malaise you get a full spectrum of what Hezekiah Jones brings to the table.  Let’s stop and listen:

Hezekiah Jones – “The Last Parade on Ann St. (Chris Bathgate Cover)” by Yer Bird Records
Hezekiah Jones – “Mind Malaise” by Yer Bird Records

And watch the haunting video from Morgan King of the track “Lift the Shadow From This Heart”:

“Lift the Shadow From This Heart” – Hezekiah Jones from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.


There will also be a great new track and session from Hezekiah Jones from their Shaking Through / Weathervane Music (visit them) session.  The song is called ‘Borrowed Heart’ and from the current mix I have heard is another beautiful song from this Philadelphia initiative.  The song actually is part of a project that Raphael Cutrufello of Hezekiah Jones has been working towards for a while now – getting music to soundtrack the movie “The Bride of Frankenstein”!  The song that will be dropping on April 19th completely syncs with a scene from the movie….now this is getting interesting, right??  We can thanks Bruce Warren of WXPN (and you may know him from his music blog Some Velvet Blog) for nominating the Jones’ for a featured artist on Weathervane – Cheers Bruce!!


Also, while Hezekiah Jones had their official album release in Philly for the album about a month ago, if you missed the performance and you are in the Michigan area (or are willing to travel) there are upcoming live shows.  Now, we know I am a fan of Hezekiah Jones, but the crew are joining in with other Slowcoustic favourites Chris Bathgate and Samantha Crain on Bathgate’s “Salt Year Album Release Tour’ starting mid April.  Wow, stellar line up!  See the tour poster below for info:


Well that is a long ass post – hope you have a chance to listen and enjoy the new album from HJ.  Please consider a purchase on the below outlets.

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