Song of the Day: “Bilgewater” from Brown Bird

Brown Bird is a Rhode Island based band that has been on my radar for a while…and for good measure.  Well, they have a new EP that is now available on their shiny new Bandcamp page and we have a song of the day because of it!

While the official roster of Brown Bird has fluctuated over the course of the band, lead man Dave Lamb has settled in with partner in crime Morganeve Swain for this release.  Earlier BB work leaned toward the sparse & haunting while the ‘newer’ material is seeing Lamb & Swain coming out of the haze of previous half tempo folk.  The new EP “The Sound of Ghosts” is 4 tracks and our song of the day “Bilgewater” is the most reminiscent of the earlier days while the other 3 tracks find a bit more gothic folk rock with flecks of bluegrass and the sweet breezes of southern riverbanks.  Or something like that.  Let’s listen;

“Bilgewater” – Brown Bird, from the EP The Sound of Ghosts

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p.s.  They have a crap load of upcoming tour dates, so be sure to check them out.