John Statz plans new album, launches Kickstarter and offers up free music!

John Statz has been on Slowcoustic many times and we have listened to his slow burning folk tinged Americana many times.  If you are not part of this ‘we’, then what the hell are ya waiting for?  An invitation?  Well, how about an invite to join in on the Kickstarter for the new album “Old Fashioned”?  Its time to get on board with this.  A quick bit of info from the Kickstarter page:

In late August, I’ll be heading to Iowa City to work with legendary producer Bo Ramsey (, who has worked with folks like Lucinda Williams, Greg Brown, Jeffrey Foucault, Calexico, Pieta Brown, and The Pines. Not only will he be producing the record, but he will also be playing guitar throughout. Bo Ramsey is a badass. I am pumped.”

I believe in the talent in this snowboarding, guitar lesson giving troubadour and so should you.  His most recent album “Ghost Towns” and follow up “Budapest Sessions” EP are both excellent additions to any fan of the singer songwriter genre.  For an example of the music and specifically during the Kickstarter campaign, John is offering up some free live tracks along the way, 1 each week on a rotating basis I think.  The first is up and it is the track ‘Baltimore’ recorded just this past May at a show in Denver.  Listen below:

Bonus: a track from each of the previously mentioned releases that are available (among all his albums) on his Bandcamp page.


Please be generous or just spread the word – much ‘preciated.

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