Song of the Day: “Holland” from Cold Specks

Cold Specks

After a conversation about ‘Cold Specks’ this morning with Drunk Country (from The Waiting Room Radio Show), I actually listened to this artist.  As I was not immediately sure who Cold Specks was but quickly became aware thanks to a conversation DC was having with Tim of The Blue Walrus (see their post on Cold Specks here).  We were essentially discussing the resurfacing of the artist in general and that she still has the chops to make you stop in your tracks and simply stand with mouth agape at the stunning sounds created (both sonically and vocally).  Cold Specks (& the name of Al Spx she now uses) are the newest monikers of this artist from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada and she seems to be born anew with this project after taking the previous more lo-fi ‘Basket of Figs’ persona to its completion.

The song of the day is “Holland” and it is actually a reworking of the track from her ‘Oh Eye, Oh Night’ EP from a couple of years back.  While the original is still amazing in its own right, this Cold Specks final version is almost a phoenix from the flames – it grows in scape and is awash in the folk noir that it clearly basks in.  This version has the song doubling in length from the original and even finds the song to almost be a new beast all together.  Either way, its stunning.

Holland by Cold Specks

Find out more when information comes available on the new Cold Specks website, Facebook and MySpace pages.
Download the song via Mediafire HERE.

Expect a full length album very soon.