Pickering Pick’s “Tiger Balm” released today on Yer Bird Records!

Tiger Balm Cover - artwork by Meghan Spurlock

Artwork by Meghan Spurlock (Visit Her)

We are very pleased to announce the official release of our newest collection at Yer Bird Records!  Today sees the release of ‘Tiger Balm’ from Pickering Pick!

So while I obviously am partial to the album, we do wholly endorse listening to it.  You get something more acoustic (obviously) with flecks of piano and Sam Pickering Pick’s floating vocals.  While you might not hear his UK leanings in his vocals (or you just might), there is something in his music that might draw from his homeland.  There are feelings of slower times or even youthful times, all the while you are growing & becoming part of your own life.  As usual with most things Slowcoustic & Yer Bird, there are some stunning ballads on this collection of 10 songs, you just can’t help but get sucked into it all.

With this album you feel like there is almost a thread being pulled through it, end to end – it flows through all the tracks…maybe it is the connection that you feel with music that seems to be created with you as a listener in mind.  You end up part of the experience.  This is an album that you might listen to by yourself until it opens up and you end up bringing others into this world of laments and journeys through distant lands via it’s ‘flowing rivers’.  From our label page:

“Pickering Pick delivers a striking study into the intense sentiment of love in his recent release, Tiger Balm. Recorded in California, Pickering Pick used his surroundings as his inspiration.  Demons, wolves, rivers and oceans provided the background for his emotional journey to find harmony in chaos.  Acceptance of loss, fear of wasted opportunities and the eventual hope that shines on despite our disappointments and setbacks.”

Listen (& download) the first feature track from Tiger Balm below:

Pickering Pick – “Like A River” by Yer Bird Records

Track list

1. Your Sleeping Dog
2. Like a River
3. Girl form Bilbao
4. Tiger On Your Arm
5. Ballad for Leaving
6. On a Limb
7. I Didn’t Know Your Rivers Flowed
8. She’s Been Trying to Hide Away
9. Another Golden Day
10. In the End*

*this track is possibly the best ballad I have heard in a long time.  If you haven’t been through ‘the end’ of a relationship, just listen and you just might feel like you have.  It is beautifully tragic and just a stunning song.

You can find the album on our label store HERE.  You can also find it via iTunes by clicking here, Amazon MP3 here and if you have credits on eMusic – see here!

Find out more information about Pickering Pick on his Bandcamp Page (LOTS of previous works to peruse), his Facebook Page, his Yer Bird Records page and you can follow him on Twitter!