Song of the Day: “Favorite Chair” from Jeremiah Nelson

Mostly Midwest

The other day I picked up (after waiting much too long) the Mostly Midwest Sampler Mixtape #1 (find it here with a ‘pay what you want option’).  They were doing a push to raise funds for all things Midwest and it simply prompted me to get off my ass and actually “donate” with a purchase.  I had been aware of it for a while and also aware of Jeremiah Nelson as well, but I found another little gem of a track from the mixtape in a 2008 recording from Nelson, “Favorite Chair”.  The song originally was part of his album ‘Take Me Down the Interstate’.

The song is fantastic.  It’s a slow summer morning, with sunlight picking out the dust lazily floating in the air…caught in each of the light’s streams through the window.  It is a piano meshed acoustic ballad and begs for simpler times when you can just sit down and listen – plain and simple, its great and you should listen to.


Find more from Jeremiah on his website and Bandcamp page.

Check out the great duet with the amazing Heidi Spencer off his new album that was previously on Slowcoustic (via 5 Score Pachyderm) HERE.